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Join the Helium Iot network by providing LoRaWAN coverage with the Bobcat Miner 300, Helium's most popular and reliable Hotspot miner!


We have yet to review the Bobcat Miner 300 Miner, so that means the information provided here may or may not be accurate. Visit our Review Process to learn more.

General Information

The Bobcat Miner 300 is a purpose-built LoRaWAN Hotspot designed by Bobcat from the ground up to provide reliable coverage for IoT sensors using the Helium network and rewards miners with HNT (soon to be IOT after Helium's move to Solana). The Bobcat Miner 300 was voted "Favorite Hotspot of the Helium Community" in the 2021 Helium Noble Awards and is the most onboarded and trusted Hotspot on the Helium network.
Bobcat Miner 300 mines Helium IoT, and generally profitability can vary due to many reasons, it can be anywhere from less than 1 to 5
a day, depending on factors such as your signal strength, coverage, hotspot density, and more.

A more in-depth breakdown of profitability and more approximate numbers will be provided once review the two projects, Helium IoT and Helium Mobile.
Where To Buy
You can get your Bobcat Miner 300 on their official store.

Mineable Coins

Helium IoT
HNT is cryptocurrency that runs on it’s own blockchain (soon will move to Solana) that is secured by the consensus mechanism known as “Proof-of-Coverage” developed by Helium. It is utilized to pay Miners around the world and for enterprises to transfer IoT data.
Project breakdown not available yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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