DIMO AutoPiby Digital Infrastructure Inc.

Your car has a story to tell and the OEMs locked it away. Unlock it to get the most from your car.


We have yet to review the DIMO AutoPi Miner, so that means the information provided here may or may not be accurate. Visit our Review Process to learn more.

General Information

The DIMO AutoPi connects your vehicle to the DIMO Mobile App The app provides insights into the health, performance, and valuation of your vehicle as well as an ecosystem of services to help you save on maintenance. Earn rewards by contributing your vehicle's data to help us make mobility better for everyone.

Tesla and vehicles with a native connected services app (ex. BMW, Toyota Connected Services, or Fordpass) will not need the DIMO AutoPi and should directly connect to the app. Only vehicles manufactured in 2012 and after are supported at this time.
There are two types of rewards you can earn from the DIMO platform.

Baseline issuance, earned by keeping your car connected via a DIMO AutoPi or, if applicable, your vehicle's native connected services app (ex. BMW, Toyota Connected Services, or Fordpass). The longer you stay connected, the greater the rewards in DIMO will be.

Marketplace issuance, which occurs when app developers and data consumers pay for your data.
Where To Buy
You can get your Dimo AutoPi on their official store.

Mineable Coins

DIMO is the native blockchain-based token of the DIMO protocol that is issued to users and contributors. It is also utilized by the chain for any transactions that occur, such as the sale of user data to consumers or developers.
Project breakdown not available yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the DIMO platform?
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When did DIMO start?
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They say if you sign up, your rig will never crash 🤷🏽‍♂️