M2 Proby MatchX

Low-powered Hotspot that uses LPWAN technology and MXProtocol to authenticate IoT device data.


We have yet to review the M2 Pro Miner, so that means the information provided here may or may not be accurate. Visit our Review Process to learn more.

General Information

M2 Pro Miner is a LoRaWAN hotspot that helps IoT devices to communicate and transfer data. It is the first miner developed by MatchX, and it runs the MXProtocol developed by the MXC Foundation. MatchX also recently released their newer hotspot, NEO.
M2 Pro Miners are expected to generate on average $10-12 worth of
a day, your mining rewards depends on your fuel, health and network participation.
Where To Buy
You can get your M2 Pro Miner on their official store.

Mineable Coins

Meta X Connect
MXC is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum Blockchain, It is utilized by the MXProtocol to pay its Miners and for enterprises to transfer IoT data. The token can also be used to earn
through the DataHighway app.
Project breakdown not available yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can the M2 Pro mine?
When will the M2 Pro ROI?
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Is M2 Pro Miner worth my money?
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Should I get a M2 Pro or NEO Miner?
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What is the MXC Token?
How does the M2 Pro Miner pay you?
Does the M2 Pro Miner get loud or hot?
Can I run more than one M2 Pro Miner in the same place?
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They say if you sign up, your rig will never crash 🤷🏽‍♂️