How To Remote Connect To Your Mining Rig

Learn how to remote connect to your mining rigs using different methods. This will help to avoid any downtime for the rigs.

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When Will You Need To Remote Connect

Being able to access your mining rigs remotely can help you avoid lots of downtimes that could have been caused by:

  • Misconfigured Overclocks cause the miner to crash
  • Miner side problems
  • Operating System issues

Setting your Overclocks too high/low will cause the miner to hang so then you will need to close the Miner Terminal and then reconfigure your Overclocks to stabilize the rig and then re-run the miner.

In some scenarios, the Miner can also lose connection or hang for which then closing it and reopening it will fix the issue.

Now, these are just some of the issues that you can run into to give you an understanding of why it is very beneficial for us to go over ways how to remotely connect to your mining rigs and manage them.

Just remember this will only be helpful as long as your miner is still connected to the internet and it is still powered on.

There are multiple ways to do it so pick whichever is most convenient for you.

Remote Connecting With TeamViewer

TeamViewer is the most popular option to connect to your Mining Rig if you are Mining In Windows. It is software that is free to download, and setting it up is fairly easy to do!

Downloading Teamviewer

TeamViewer will be installed on all your mining rigs and the devices that you want to use to control your mining rigs. It can be your mobile phone or your personal computer/laptop.

You can download TeamViewer by clicking here.

Downloading It On Your Personal Devices

For your personal devices install TeamViewer using the Default Installation option and then proceed with the installation and set up an account with TeamViewer for free.

Downloading It On Your Mining Rigs

Now after installing it on your Personal Devices. Installing TeamViewer on your Mining Rigs will be slightly different. The main focus will be:

  • The application always comes on
  • Password-less access

To install TeamViewer on your mining rigs, use the Custom Installation option so you can set it to maintain an active connection by logging into your Teamviewer account.

TeamViewer For Mining Rigs
TeamViewer For Mining Rigs

Setting Up Teamviewer

Now after installing TeamViewer log in with your account and then make sure that you check the unattended access box.


Make sure both boxes are checked and then you will be asked to name the device under your Teamviewer account.

Now you will be able to select the mining rig while it is online and remote connect to it without any issues.

TeamViewer Computers
TeamViewer Computers

If a rig is offline then it is most likely turned off or disconnected from the internet.

Other Remote Connection Software

There are many alternatives to TeamViewer and other sorts of remote connections such as SSH, VNC, and many others.

Alternatives to TV
Alternatives to TV

If one of the platforms gives you trouble or inconvenience always feel free to try a different one until you find what works best for you.

As long as you can maintain a connection with your Mining Rigs from your other devices without any issues then you should be good to go.

Innovating Tactics With Micro-Controllers

Like in every industry, don’t limit your creativity and your thoughts. You can come up with awesome ways to manipulate your mining rigs remotely by using hardware such as Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, and other Micro-controllers.

The way you boot almost all of the motherboards is by shorting the 2 pwr pins. Which will then either turn off the rig or back on based on the state. This can be really helpful if you're having issues with the rig turning off frequently, it is not an easy task but it is definitely a fun project to do!

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