Dashcamby Hivemapper

Crypto Miner Dashcam that rewards contributors for collecting street-level imagery. Drive, map, and earn crypto. Revolutionizing how Map and Traffic data is gathered by drivers around the World.


We have yet to review the Dashcam Miner, so that means the information provided here may or may not be accurate. Visit our Review Process to learn more.

General Information

Dashcam is a car dashcam that collects 10-FPS imagery which is then used to build a decentralized mapping infrastructure. Dashcam is developed by Hivemapper and it is one of the two cameras they currently have, the newer version Dashcam-S has the ability to also record videos for your safety.
Mappers will earn based on the quality and quantity of imagery they collect.
is distributed to the contributors of each region based on their respective contributions towards a region's map progress. Learn more on Hivemapper Documentation
Where To Buy
You can get your Dashcam on their official store.

Mineable Coins

HONEY is a cryptocurrency built on top of the Solana blockchain. It is utilized to pay Mappers around the world and can also be used by enterprises and developers in order to access the Hivemapper data API.
Project breakdown not available yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can the Dashcam mine?
When will the Dashcam ROI?
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Is Hivemapper Dashcam worth my money?
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Should I get a Hivemapper Dashcam or Dashcam-S?
What if I drive over the same terrain?
How does Hivemapper pay you?
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They say if you sign up, your rig will never crash 🤷🏽‍♂️