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Step-by-step tutorial for Aquilex Miner. Fork of Ethminer optimized and simplified for the miners by Mining Chamber.

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Aquilex Miner is a fork of Ethminer that is optimized by Mining Chamber and Miner On Demand to provide more simplicity and cleaner design to the miner. Full support is also provided in our discord server if you still run into problems after this guide. The information page about Aquilex Miner can be found here.

Algorithms & The Dev Fee

Aquilex Miner supported algorithms as of Sept. 2021. is the Ethash Algorithm So any coin within that algorithm you will be able to mine with Aquilex Miner such as Ethereum.

The dev fee is only 0.50% making it the lowest dev fee CLI miner out there.

Official Download

You can download Aquilex Miner from the Aquilex Official Landing Page.

Aquilex Miner Download
Aquilex Miner Download

These will be the only locations that you can download Aquilex Miner from so please beware of scammers and impostors.

If you want to be more secure, then you can double-check by verifying the checksums, and if Windows keeps deleting your Mining files due to false flags from the antivirus, then you can whitelist it. I cover both of those in the Mining With Windows 10 guide.

Updating Old Versions

There isn’t a way to update a version that is downloaded on your system because the miner does not install anything in your system, so your best option is to re-download it again from the landing page once you see a new version number that is released.

If your current old version is working, then no need to download a new one unless there are some new important optimizations that are in the release notes of the new version.

Quick Start

It is very easy to get started with Aquilex Miner, you only need to change the wallet address to yours and the pool region to the one that is closest to you.

For your Ethereum wallet, you can use any wallet you like, as for exchanges, they are not as secure but you can still use them. Here is a list of wallets and exchanges that we use.

Simplified Steps

  1. Download the miner from the authentic sources mentioned above.
  2. Extract miner using Winrar or any extracting tools.
  3. Right-click and Edit your settings.cmd file with your ETH wallet address, worker name which is what you want to name the rig, and the pool address.
  4. Save changes and close the file.
  5. Run the miner by double-clicking on the start.bat file. If it is your first run, it can take up to 15 seconds to start.
  6. Get paid to your wallet address from the pool once you reach the minimum payment, more info on that can be found here.
Aquilex Miner settings.cmd
Aquilex Miner settings.cmd

You should have something similar to the text above with your information. For the Mining Pool, you can use any, we personally recommend CrazyPool.

There are also other great mining pools that you can choose from such as, for dual mining, and If you are still confused about mining pools or want more advice on which one to use then you can visit our Mining Pools Explained article.

Congratulations! Now you are up and running with Aquilex Miner.

Aquilex Miner Mining Screen
Aquilex Miner Mining Screen

It may take some time for it to reflect on the pool you are mining too, so just give it a couple of hours and then check on the pool side with your wallet address.

The Files

Aquilex download comes with a few files, these usually change over time once new updates are implemented, but this guide will give you a good idea of what everything is whenever you decide to download and use the miner.

Aquilex Miner Files
Aquilex Miner Files

The main files in Aquilex Miner are settings.cmd, Start.bat and aquilex.exe.

settings.cmd is where you will fill in your wallet address, rig name, and pool address. Then you run Start.bat, which is an encrypted file that has our built-in watchdog as well as the dev fee logic.

The watchdog automates rebooting your rig if it is not performing as it should. The Start.bat file will run aquilex.exe and it gives it your parameters from settings.cmd, then you’re online and mining.

delay_overclock provides a workaround for the RTX 3000 series DAG issue. This is a common problem with those cards on different miners as well, it causes the miner to crash if you run it with overclocks, so delaying the overclocks is a good solution to the problem. We will explain how to use this file in the commands section.

For logging, Aquilex logs to two different files in your /logs folder using the wtee.exe tool which is why that file is there. One log will be for the miner, output.txt, and the other is for the runtimes of the miner which will be in runtimes.txt.

Aquilex logs
Aquilex logs

If you want Aquilex Miner to run on Startup then you can use the startup_creator.bat file for creating a shortcut in your startup folder which will run every time you restart or boot your Mining Rig or PC.

Aquilex Miner Startup
Aquilex Miner Startup

AmdFix contains some libraries that AMD cards will need when mining with Aquilex.

Lastly, you will find a readme file with instructions for the miner which you can use this tutorial for as well.

The Commands

With Aquilex Miner, there aren’t really any external commands that you will need to use. All you have to work with is the parameters that we provide in the settings.cmd file.

Miner Parameters

Essentials Parameters


Your ETH wallet address.


The name your rig will show up under in your mining pool.


Your pool address (prepend the hostname with ssl:// for SSL pool, or http:// for solo mining). ex: -pool stratum+tcp://


Backup Mining pool incase the first one goes down.


Select the protocol for your mining pool. SSL is encrypted, TCP is open.


1 or 2 depending on pool you’re using.

Optional Parameters

Arguments=<-arg1 -arg2...>

Select which GPUs you want to mine with. -U = NVIDIA, -G = AMD, --cuda-devices <n> = for selecting specific NVIDIA GPUs starting from 0, --opencl-devices <n> = for selecting specific AMD GPUs starting from 0. Arguments can be separated by spaces. ex: -U -G will use all AMD and NVIDIA GPUs.


Delay your RTX 3000 Series overclocks so you can avoid the DAG issue if you're having trouble with it. Instructions:
- In settings.cmd, remove “rem” before delay_overclock.cmd to activate the command.
- Create Stock OC on Afterburner and save it to profile 5.
- Create OC on Afterburner and save it to profile 1.
On load, Aquilex will first load profile 5 and then load profile 1 after DAG is generated. You can control the time delay in delay_overclock.cmd.

schedule restart

Schedule a restart for your mining rig in seconds for any reasons you may have. To activate, delete "rem" before the word "start", and leave as it is to ignore.

In the future, we will be implementing new updates that will have more parameters but as of now, you do not need to waste your time learning long lists of commands.

That is it for the Aquilex Miner tutorial, now you can enjoy the low dev fee and feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback in our discord server which you can find the link for in the socials tab in the header.


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