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The RX 5700 Mining Settings will generally work for all models, but most of the time you will have some tweaking to do due to your GPU Silicon. Never mine with Stock settings as they will overheat your GPU! You can learn more in our Overclocking For Miners Guide.

RX 5700 Mining Overclocks

Absolute Values are most commonly used in Linux-based Mining OS and they usually give more effeciency, while Offset is more common for Windows. N/A or 0 = leave blank.

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51 MH/s, 110 Watts

RX 5700 ETChash Mining Overclocks

  • Base
Expected Results
51 MH/s, 110 Watts
Core Voltage (VDD)
Power Limit
Watts: 115 or Percentage: 0%
Core Clock (CClock)
Absolute: 1410 or Offset: 0
Memory Clock (MClock)
Absolute: 1775 or Offset: +25
Memory Voltage
Fan Speed (%)
70% ± based on your temps
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ZelHash Boost

lolminer improved Zelhash performance for specific GPU Architectures by 15-20%. The Architectures that benefit from this are NVIDIA Turing and Ampere, and AMD Navi and 5000 Series. This has also been adobted by other Miners such as MiniZ Miner... and yes, the RX 5700 benefits from this too.

vBIOS Modding

To get better results with your RX 5700 Mining Settings, it is advised to BIOS mod your card as it can give you an extra 3-5 more MH/s. BIOS modding can corrupt your GPU if done incorrectly. We currently do not have a guide for RX 5700 BIOS Modding for Mining.

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